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      TLIDA experience: a transformative journey towards partnership

      TLIDA is moving forward with everyone


      Origin, time and development of TLIDA
      In 1997, Tianlida entered the communication parts industry, and has now developed into a mobile communication parts manufacturer with research and development capabilities, production capabilities and sales capabilities. Its own factory automated intelligent production ensures product quality advantages and product cost performance

      Certification of TLIDA batteries
      From raw material procurement to production process quality control are strictly in accordance with the IS09001 modern enterprise management system, and has passed the IS09001 international certification, with certificates: CB, CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE, KC, TIS, MSDS, UN38.3, BIS, CQC, UL, BSMI, EMC, ANTEL, ETC. The IEC62133, ETC

      Advantages of TLIDA batteries
      Establish a competitive advantage in the field:
      The mobile phone battery adopts the leading low-temperature and low-pressure injection molding technology, and all the batteries are formed once, which makes maximum use of the internal space of the battery, optimizes the product structure, and increases the energy density of the cell volume by more than 15%.

      TLIDA's batteries and specifications
      Product model complete, stable quality, features: high capacity, long life, long standby time, safe and reliable, stable performance
      The company convenes technical experts with rich experience, improves the research and development system, trains excellent enterprise management talents and marketing talents, and builds a market network system and service system
      The company strictly abides by international standards in product quality.

      The core of TLIDA
      Efficient: Efficient work to follow the pace of market changes, to meet customer needs is the belief of Tianlida
      Innovation: Technological innovation and breakthrough has always been a sword of Tianlida in the market competition
      Excellence: Service quality and product quality has always been the faith and principle that Tianlida people adhere to
      Integrity: Good faith first, Pepsi letter for this; The market never changes, integrity never changes,
      Win-win: Cooperate with suppliers, agents, customers and win-win, create brilliant

      TLIDA is moving forward with everyone


      Key words:

      TLIDA is moving forward with everyone