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      TLIDA-Chinese mobile phone battery manufacturer battery for MI 10T K30S BM53



      TLIDA battery for XiaoMi


      TLIDA-Chinese mobile phone battery manufacturer battery for MI 10T K30S BM53


      It mainly includes voltage, internal resistance, capacity, energy density, internal pressure, self-discharge rate, cycle life, sealing performance, safety performance, storage performance, appearance, etc., and other over-charge, over-discharge, corrosion resistance and so on.

      TLIDA's battery reliability test project

      01) Cycle life 02) discharge characteristics at different rates 03) discharge characteristics at different temperatures 04) charging characteristics 05) self-discharge characteristics 06) storage characteristics 07) overdischarge characteristics 08) internal resistance characteristics at different temperatures 09) Temperature cycle test 10) drop test 11) vibration test 12) Capacity test 13) Internal resistance test 14) GMS test 15) High and low Temperature impact test 16) Mechanical impact test 17) High temperature and high humidity test

      TLIDA's battery safety testing project

      01) Short circuit test 02) Overcharge and overdischarge test 03) withstand voltage test 04) Impact test 05) Vibration test 06) heating test 07) fire test 09) variable temperature cycle test 10) trickle charge test 11) Free drop test 12) Low pressure test 13) forced discharge test 15) Electric plate 17) thermal shock test 19) Needle test 20) squeeze Pressure measurement 21) Heavy impact test

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